Cecilia Lizon – Center Director

     Cecilia has served in many areas of the ministry including Client Advocate, bookkeeper, board treasurer, and director of development before becoming the Shelton Care Net’s director. She manages all of the center’s community outreach, education, fundraising, and administration needs. You can contact Cecilia at CareNet@hctc.com.

Teresa Araujo – Client Services Director

    Teresa Araujo, one of our fearless volunteers,  stepped up to take the Client Services position in January 2018 and is doing some amazing work. Teresa is a retired nurse practitioner who worked at a Care Net years ago performing ultrasounds and advocating for clients. She has already orchestrated a training seminar for the center’s volunteers to equip them to better serve the Gospel and help those in the midst of crisis situations.

Trini Schute – Spanish Services Coordinator

     Trini Schute was born and raised in Honduras, coming to America in 1987. She lived in both Chicago and Miami before moving to Shelton in 2003, after marrying her husband John. She enjoys cooking, walking her dogs around the lake with her husband, and listening to worship music. In 2010, Trini began volunteering at the clinic, eventually coming on staff to fill the position of Spanish services coordinator. At the clinic, Trini uses her bilingual skills to reach our Latina clients with their educational and material needs. You can contact Trini at CareNetCSM@hctc.com.

Marylee Moore – Ultrasound Technician

     Marylee grew up and met her husband of 33 years in Hawaii. Together, they have lived in three other states until returning to live in Tacoma in 2009, when Marylee began working with Care Net. She has four grown children and one granddaughter. Marylee loves showing a pregnant woman the life growing inside her and explaining the details of fetal growth. She believes that each human is uniquely designed, which can be seen inside the body through ultrasound. At the clinc, Marylee preforms ultrasounds for our clients to verify size, age, and placement of their unborn children. She gives parents their first look at the new babies through video and printable pictures as well assisting clients with medical referrals. You can contact Marylee at CareNetRN@hctc.com.

Katie Kealy- Bookkeeper/Office Administrator

     Katie keeps all of our financial information in order and answers questions about giving and year-end statements. She also helps with clerical duties and fundraisers. You can contact Katie at CareNetAccounting@hctc.com.

Bill Batstone – Fatherhood Initiative Coordinator

     Bill works with our male clients through education and mentorship, helping them to succeed at being the father their children need.